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Who We Are


SmallBiz-Connect helps small businesses improve client retention and increase referrals. Our marketing programs deliver relevant content, new web and mobile technology combined with ongoing education and resources to small business looking for long-term brand momentum and growth.


Our Philosophy Is


Having JUST an online presence is no longer relevant . . . every small business needs to tell its story and use its website as a marketing tool that connects. When you make a connection the relationship creates new and nurtures existing clients. Great clients become evangelists that tell everyone about your brand experience.


Building evangelists is a marathon that begins with one step. If you don't get it . . . you're not ready to take the step.


We Began Because


Small business marketing is behind the curve and owners are missing opportunities to connect because of:


  • Templated/static websites & poor mobile sites.
  • Undefined brand experience and lack of differentiation.
  • Costly, ineffective, and canned marketing programs.
  • Insufficient time to think about strategic change.


Our focus is to inspire visionary small business owners to lead the profession in changing the way they approach marketing.


The Impact Is


We're not going to promise you 50 new clients in the first couple months (there are plenty of companies that claim to do that). However, once you get it, you'll see your brand gain momentum, connections improve, and ultimately your business will grow with loyal clients that you want.