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Marketing Done for You


How Will You Connect?


Marketing in this day and age needs to include a content strategy. Staffing-Connect believes in delivering relevant content that matters. Clients and job-seekers are looking for ways to connect and learn outside of meetings and visits and we are here to help. The content you deliver should be relevant, useful and intriguing and should utilize social media, blogging and email.


The key is you don’t have to wait until you become a marketing guru to get started. In fact, waiting puts you way behind and you'll end up spending more time, more money and more effort trying to catch up. Start connecting with your clients and job-seekers today. 


Digital Marketing


Our goal is at a minimum to get you on the digital marketing map through Marketing Done for You twice a month. We will set up your social media pages, get your blog started and help develop your email marketing plans. There is no need for you to try to find the time or create the content to put into your blog or social medial posts. We create and send out the content for you twice a month with relevant staffing and recruiting information that keeps you in front of your audience.


If this is something you can see your business benefiting from, please contact us today.



 Your Website


Generic websites are a thing of the past. Capture your clients’ attention with an updated, easy-to-use site. Learn more here.

Don't DIY Education


Learning is an important aspect of business growth, but it’s easy to get overwhelmed by excess information. Learn more here.

Your Mobile Site


Most searches conducted on mobile devices are locally focused. Be at the forefront of this search change. Learn more here.